Hét jele annak, hogy talán kinőtted a munkádat

If the above sings accour, maybe it is time to move on:

  1. There’s no room for growth: you feel like you’ve hit the top of the career ladder.
  2. You don’t feel satisfied: If you don’t feel any attachment or pride in your work, it can be difficult to stay motivated.
  3. You aren’t getting new opportunities to learn.
  4. You don’t align with the company core values.
  5. Your salary hasn’t budged.
  6. You become a work daydreamer: Spending your days at work doing non-work related activities like playing video games or having long conversations with colleagues can also be a red flag that you need a new challenge.
  7. You watch the clock.
forrás: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/12/27/success/outgrown-your-job/index.html

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